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Air Conditioner Articles: How To Quiet A Window Unit Air Conditioner

Though a variety of causes may be responsible for a particularly noisy window air conditioning unit, oftentimes it is vibration that is the culprit.

The first thing to do with a noisy air conditioning unit is to ensure that all of the screws on the front panel of the unit are tightened. You should methodically check each screw to make sure that they are all screwed in as tightly as possible and that no additional, unnecessary vibrating is occurring.

Look closely at the window around the unit for any inconsistencies or openings. Is your window AC unit securely in place?

Next, test the AC unit by turning it on and observing how it kicks into gear. Once it has been on for several minutes, press your hand up against the sash and observe the noise level. If the sound of the AC unit changes in pitch when the sash is pressed in, you might need to put some wooden shims between the window frame and the sash. These can shims can easily be purchased at any hardware store and might help to alleviate the AC's noise level.

Test the AC also by pressing your hand against the window's glass. If you notice a change in the sound of the AC's pitch after doing this, try using some insulating cellophane tape between the glass and the frame. If you find that this still does not make a significant difference in the noise level, you may have to try using some putty.

Should you sense that the loud noises seem to be originating from within the window air conditioning unit, shut the unit off, unplug it, and pull it out of the window so that you can thoroughly examine it. Use extra caution and make sure that you are not putting yourself in danger during the AC inspetion.

Another common cause of additional noise is a bent fan blade. Look at each fan blade to make sure that it is not bent. Should you find a fan blade that is bent, simply bend it back until it matches the others. You can also use a fin comb. This is a fairly easy process that could quickly eliminate your problem.

If none of these tests seem to make a difference in the noise level of the AC, it may be in need of professional repair. Depending on the age and condition of your AC unit, you may spend more money repairing it than buying a new one, so make sure you are taking it to a reputable service location that will give you an honest opinion.